Friday, July 29, 2011

Vienna, Venice, AND Pisa!

First off, I can't even begin to describe how tired I am. Traveling from city to city on train, getting up early, and staying up late can get the best of you, thats for sure. I keep dreaming of my comfortable bed in my apartment back in Chattanooga, with cheaper food and clean clothes... 13 more days of travel!! However, I have slowly fallen in love with Europe, and I am already thinking of a time I can come back some day, maybe even to live for a few months. We will see what is in store for me. :)

Vienna, Austria reminded me a lot of New York, at least where our hotel was. It was super busy and loud, but the culture was insanely diverse! We arrived around dinner time, and I wanted nothing more than A diet coke, a shower, and sleep. So while Veronica and Taylor went out for a bit I had I a nice evening to myself, catching up on things that are awaiting me when I return home. The next day ( Wednesday), we went to the schonbrunn palace. Now honestly I wasn't too impressed with vienna, until we got here. It was BEAUTIFUL. The palace was massive, and you walk to the back through colorful gardens to a huge lot of more gardens, fountains, and super green grass. At the end of the lot there is a huge water fountain, and behind that was a huge hill and another magnificent structure that we weren't able to go visit. There was also a zoo inside, but neither Taylor nor Veronica were kind enough to come with me to visit the baby elephant and the baby giraffe. My little kid inside me was very upset. I will vouch for Veronica, she was not feeling well and wanted to sleep every chance she got. However, they redeemed themselves by going to the maze with me, which took us about twenty minutes. this is the first city we have been that has been hot, so being outside for a long period of time was tiring. We spent the night planning out Italy and eating some good cheap food from a nearby grocery store. We had a long train ride the next day. It was twelve hour travel day to Venice!
We were on a train from 6am to 6pm, but it was the best train ride scenery wise. Italy has the best countryside by far, and it was hard to sleep when there was mountains and castles and sheep and sunflowers right outside our window! When we arrived in Venice, we couldn't stop admiring all the people. We have conclude that Italians are thet most beautiful people in the world. Our hotel was in the middle of everything, so we dropped off our stuff and just started walking. Even though it was very touristy, it was absolutely amazing. My heart didn't stop jumping the entire night, knowing that I would be spending the next 6 days in Italy. We found some traditional Italian food, and wondered around until dusk. Veronica and I then went to the other side of town and wondered in and out of vendor carts and jewelry shops. Venice was beautiful, and I definitely would love to go back!
Today we woke up, had a relaxing morning with coffee and a croissant, and made our way to thet train station. Luckily the train ride was only three hours to Pisa, so once we got here we had plenty of time to look around. We were not greeted very nicely by our hotel clerk, but regardless we went to find none other than the leaning tower of Pisa. It is everything you would expect it to be: a leaning tower. It still is cool to be able to see it, and to be able to take the cheesy photo acting like i am pushing it up. We then ate pizza, ( in Pisa, next to the leaning tower of pisa), and of course got gelato. Lemon is my new favorite! We found a very cool outside bar with live music, sadly though after two hours of no one playing music we decided to call it a night.
We have finally arrived in Rome! It's dinner time so we just finshed eating and we are resting for our big day tomorrow on the moped! Veronica and I are excited at least... Taylor is certain we will wreck. I say have a little faith! We are going to visit all the big sites tomorrow, including the colleseum, the parthanon, ( the real thing instead of the replica in Nashville!), and the travi fountain!

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