Saturday, July 23, 2011

And now Germany!

We have spent the weekend in a little town right outside Frankfurt, Germany. I believe the name is wiesbaden? Every street name was really long, and they looked like a bunch of letters jumbled together. I have a new lifelong goal: be able to memorize and pronounce five words in German.
Yesterday, we missed our train into Frankfurt, so instead of waiting for the next one we decided to go back to nicole's apartment, watched a whole bunch of episodes of friends, and finally got the chance to do some laundry! However, not being able to understand German washers and dryers made two loads of laundry take four hours. That night we ate Chinese food and walked around the deserted streets until we found everyone in the city at one bar/club. We ended up hanging out for a while, met some very interesting people to say the least! I must say Germans are a lot nicer than we expected.
Today we went to a food market that is in a plaza down the street every Saturday throughout the entire year. The environment was so friendly and the food looked amazing. Of course, we decide on starbucks. After we drove to a city called rudesheim, where a ton of vineyards that seemed to go on for miles surrounded the city. It was gorgeous! There were a ton of outside restaurants and music, as well as friendly German people everywhere! We decided it would be a sin to be mean in this town. I cant wait to put up pictures!
Tomorrow we are off to prague, czech republic. We are going to go into Frankfurt for a tad bit, and then have a super long train ride ahead of us. I'm thinking about investing in a new book...
I would love to thank everyone for reading veronica's blog and my blog. It really is more of an inspiration for us to write! A special thanks to taylor's grandad pepere, who is our number one blog follower!
I love this trip so much already, and I am already thinking about a time I can come back. I have learned so much more about myself, as well as about the world we live in. There is so much beauty in this world that I've been missing out on. I am so blessed to have been able to afford this trip. Thank you, sweet ce ces. :)

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