Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our journey begins in....Ireland!

It is our second full day in Ireland and we have definitely seen a good portion of Dublin. What a great city! The weather is always in the 60s and it has been very sunny. The Irish culture has captured my heart, I'm in love with the people here. I believe I was made to be here, with freckles, fair skin and the last name Moore, I say I'm I wee bit Irish.

Yesterday we slept in late, ( recovering from jet lag) and then went into downtown Dublin on the bus. We walked the streets for a bit, and we were greeted by an old Irish man that made me dance with him...hilarious! We eventually got to the Guinness Storehouse, where we toured the factory and learned how they made the beer. Now, I not being a fan of beer, very much enjoyed the 360 view of Dublin at the top, as well as a bottled water. From there we saw the Dublin Castle, and walked around the courtyard and garden within the gates. So beautiful! From there we toured a little bit around Trinity college. If I could I would so transfer out here, it is an amazing campus! After a long day we just spent the rest of the night hanging out at the place we are staying, with our new friend Julia Rose! She is a great hostess indeed.

Today we were suppose to go into the countryside, but since we somehow missed the tour we toured the streets some more. We went into the Temple Bar district and ate the ever so famous fish and chips! Very greasy, but very delicious. After that we found a nearby pub and listened to live music, with an Irish violinist and a guitar player. I learned that the sense of humor here in Ireland is a lot different than our humor...regardless, the music is great! We have just spent the day in the sun and looking in free art exhibits and most importantly enjoyed a traditional Irish crepe! yum! Tomorrow we will finally make it to the Country to see the beautiful scenery!

The trip is going so well, I love getting to know new people and exploring a new country! I am so excited that this is just the beginning. I miss all my friends and family in the states, but know that I am having a blast and I am safe! God bless. :)

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  1. Hope ya'll are safe and having a ton of fun! Please keep my son out of the blarney!