Thursday, July 21, 2011


Amsterdam was not anything I expected. I think that we get a total misconception of the city, but in reality it is a beautiful place. Every street has a canal running through or beside it, with boats hooked up all along the sides. There were bikes everywhere! I swear people treat bikes as cars. Anyway, the buildings were beautiful and it just was a great visit! The first day we were there ( Tuesday) we walked from the train station trying to find our hotel, we walked probably around three miles. A couple hours later we realize our hotel is right by the train station... Frustrating yet funny! We saw lots of street performers that played music and did magic tricks and then starting experiencing the night life of the city. Seeing women expose themselves the way they did was very sad, and I wanted more than anything to rescue them from the life that seemed forced upon them. It is also sad that some girls want to do that. Lord I pray that someday they can feel accepted and beautiful without selling themselves to men.
The next day Veronica and I had a girls day while Taylor did his own thing. We walked about ten miles total, our first stop being the van gogh museum, which held 200 of his paintings as well as some Monet who is one of my favorites! From there we grabbed hamburgers at a stand on the street by, then took about one hour to walk through vondel park, which definitely wasn't enough. This side of the city was beautiful, I would love to go back and see it again. That night we met up with taylor and ate dinner with seagulls, which is not an understatement. They definitely weren't afraid to take food out of our hands. Yikes!
Yesterday morning we got on a train to Frankfurt, Germany. It was a very long train ride, but I starting reading the new nicholas sparks book "safe haven", which i also finished. Dialoging the whole thing, Taylor and Veronica don't need to read it. :) we are now staying with one of taylor's friends, nicole. Such a sweetheart!
We spent the day today recuperating, doing laundry and watching friends. We are ready to venture into Germany tomorrow!

I ask for prayer, just for Energy. We are getting warn out, and we are just half way done! We have had a great two weeks, and we are all so excited for the next part of our journey.
Shout out to my young life girls, I miss you all so much! Be home before you know it. :)
Also, to my brother, have safe travels back home! So sad I'll be missing your arrival. Love you and praying for you!

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