Tuesday, July 19, 2011

London and Brussels!

What a great couple of days it has been! I'm sorry it has been so long we have not had reliable Internet service. So much to write!

We got to London early Saturday morning around 1:30am, so instead of getting a hotel room we decided to go to a 24 hour restaurant called bar italia. We ordered pizza and people watched for about four hours. There are very interesting people roaming the soho district on the weekends! We stayed there until about 5am, and from there we walked the dead streets, which honestly we enjoyed a lot more because it was so peaceful! We walked through st. James park and to the buckingham palace. Since we got there so early, none of the red suit, big fuzzy hat guards were out! Sad day indeed. We then slowly walked over to big Ben, which was just magnificently huge! Such beautiful architecture. We then went to a nearby coffee shop to kill time before we could check in to our hotel. Running on little sleep, this was a very long couple of hours. We finally made it to our hotel, and the rest of the day was sleep. We got out to get dinner and chocolate, but made the day a lazy one after a long adventurous night.
The next day we got up early to check out and we got a traditional English breakfast at a pub down the street. We of course then had to get coffee ( which I feel half of my money will be spent on) and then it was off to see Harry Potter! Now, I am not a crazy fan, but that movie was amazing! Especially being surrounded by the people of London, who laugh when kings cross station is mentioned. The walk there was three miles, and from there we walked 5 miles back to buckingham palace to see the guards. We were getting ready to meet our hostess at Piccadilly circus train station. Might I add that makes a total of an 8 mile walk, with our backpacks? LONG day, but such a great ending.
We stayed with our now good friend, Callista, who is a friend of a friend. She was such a blessing to all of us! She took us to an amazing Italian place and then we all shared great conversation over dessert. She lived about twenty minutes away on the train, so we went back to her house and crashed.
Callista was such a strong representation of Christ, and I thank God for bringing us her. She goes to the hillsong church in London, and that morning she came across a homeless person. The lady asked for money, and instead of Callista giving her money, she invited the lady to come to church. After much thought, the lady and another friend went to church. Before the church service was over, the preacher asked if anyone wanted to dedicate their lives to christ. The homeless lady raised her hand. She gave her life to Christ that day! I believe the lord meant for Callista to walk past this women, just so she could hear the greatest love story of all time. God is good. :) Callista, you are wonderful thank you so much!
The next day we spent traveling to brussels. We probably didn't see a good side if the city, but our hotel wasn't great, and there was nothing to do around it. On the up side, our wonderful friend Zoe smith from back home was also in Brussels so we were able to visit with her for awhile! This morning we then got on a train and we are now in Amsterdam. :) more later about this leg of our journey!

I have decided that I love being surrounded by people that live, culturally, in a different way. I have been really thinking about doing missions overseas at some point in my life. I love the idea of that! We will just see where the lord leads me in the future.

I miss my friends and family, but know that I am safe and having a fantastic time as well as learning a lot.

"in me you will have peace."

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