Monday, August 1, 2011

When in Rome!

Rome Is by far the coolest city ever! At least in Italy. The people are crazy drivers, but the food is carbalicous! I don't know if that's a word, but we have eaten pizza or pasta every day for the past five days! They don't joke around about their Italian food....or how much it costs.

Yesterday we were able to sleep in a little bit. Taylor did his own thing while Veronica and I went searching for the scooter rental place. After some nice tour guides led us to the right place, we found out shortly that they required us to have a motorcycle license. Now knowing that I won't even get on a motorcycle, we couldn't rent a scooter. We started looking at bus times and prices. Another tour guide from earlier approached us and decided that the man at the scooter place was wrong and took us to another place. Now, the man behind the counter asked us if we had ever ridden scooters before and we said no. His exact words after that were, " scooter is fun, but life is life." basically, it was too dangerous for two American girls with no experience to ride a moped around Rome. Oh well. :( so Veronica and I grabbed some lunch and started walking towards the colloseum. It was amazing, to walk where gladiators walked! The inside was even better, I would advise anyone who ever goes to Rome to go on the inside and see the ruins. From there we walked the streets of Rome, until we got to the pantheon ( NOT the parthanon). From there we went to the very famous trevi fountain. I was able to throw a coin into the fountain, which either means I will return to Rome in my life time or I will fall in love? Im not 100% positive which is true. Regardless, it was beautiful. It reminded me of many many movies. We then headed back to our hotel, even though it took us An extra 30 minutes because I can't read a map. You would think I would have perfected that by now, but those things are tricky. That night Taylor stayed in while Veronica and I had a very wonderful dinner down the street. We were laughing hysterically and made conversation about her birthday next week over margarita pizza and diet coke. When we were finished we were waiting a very long time for our check when the waiter brought us a surprise dessert. Then the two guys at the table behind us turned around and said happy birthday. Such a sweet gesture! We thought they were so nice for doing that, and later found out they were from Tennessee and georgia. It was great to meet more southerners who understood where exactly chattanooga was and that the sec dominates. We chatted for a minute and then we left back to our hotel for the night. Great day!
Today we slept in and started our long walk to the Vatican. We stopped along the way and finally did a little shopping! When we arrived, It was like watching the de Vinci code. We were hoping to see the pope, but no luck. The line was hours long so we didn't stay long but got a lot of great pictures of the outside. We then walked back to the hotel and have been resting ever since for our long travel day to switzerland

Even though I am sunburned and exhausted, I have loved Italy just as expected. I have also decided that I am going to invest in a moped in the next year. Seeing everyone on one makes it tempting. I am ready to be in switzerland in the snow cap mountains! Wish us luck, we are going all out while we are here, hiking mountains and whatnot. Adventures for sure. :)

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