Sunday, August 7, 2011

Paris. My oh my.

I can not believe this is the last city we are visiting before our long travels home. Paris was a nice city to end this trip on, mainly because I have no money and have been here before so I didn't need to spend any money! I owe Veronica an arm and a leg, but thank goodness I have some one like her when I have no wallet!

We arrived in Paris Friday evening, and our hotel was in Versailles which was normally about twenty minutes away. We decided to take a cab since it was about to poor down rain. We got into a cab, and soon enough we found out that it is not a good idea to get a cab in downtown Paris on a Friday afternoon at rush hour, especially when they charge you ten cents every twenty or so seconds. It took us thirty minutes to go half a mile. I swear french people don't know the proper way to use a traffic lFight. About an hour later, ( you can do the math of how much it euro...) we arrived to the hotel. We have been living luxury while in Paris, this hotel was a steal! We have a kitchen and everything, as well as a view of the Eiffel tower from our balcony. Beats the hotel in brussels that's for sure. We spent the rest of the night cooking meals and resting up for our day Saturday. Might I also add that I washed my clothes in the bathroom sink with hand soap? Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Saturday we woke up late, and our wonderful hostess from Ireland,(Julia) flew in and spent the day and night with us! Might I also add it was Veronica's birthday! We made crepes from a box and honestly napped and relaxed until late afternoon until we were all ready to walk into town. The four of us walked to the Eiffel tower and got the best nutella and banana crepes in town, as well as french fries. We got the classic pictures of the eiffel tower and then went for more crepes. We decided to splurge on veronica's birthday. :) we then went to a Paris market and bought a lot of neat jewelry. Taylor really enjoyed being with three girls! After that we started walking towards the Notre dome, only to find out it's a lot further then expected, so we started back to the hotel. After a long walk in pouring rain we made it back late and called it a night.

Today we woke up with lots of plans! We got onto the metro and got off right by the louvre, which holds a lot of van Gogh paintings as well as the Mona Lisa. When we got to the front of the museum, we saw the line to enter literally had thousands of people in it and there was a three hour wait. So, no museum for us! We then walked around the streets and saw lots of sites, but most importantly the Notre dome. Beautiful piece of architecture, and there seemed to be a sculpture of the hunch back on the side I swear! We then finished up our site seeing and went back to the hotel to say our goodbyes to Julia, who we will be seeing very soon back in Ireland!

I am so sad that this trip is coming to an end, but going out into cit after city and seeing site after site is so tiring. I am ready to be back in the states again! Let's see, if I did the math right, we stayed in 11 cities, 9 countries, and took over twenty trains in 28 days. I'm proud if us. :) be home soon America!

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