Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We're coming home!

We have already been traveling for the past two days and we still have another 24 hours of travel. We left Paris on a train that took us to Cherbourg, France. We then boarded a ferry that took us to southern Ireland. It was an 18 hour ride! Honestly though, it was quite the experience. There were bands, shows, and lots of crazy Irish people. It was fun to say the least, the only thing I would not do again was sleep underneath a chair. We had reserved seats, not beds, so we made the space under our seats a place to sleep. With the boat swaying back and forth, it was definitely an awful night of sleep.

After we got off the boat, we boarded a bus, and four hours later we arrived in downtown Dublin. It definitely is great to be back in the place where our entire trip began! It kind of feels like home. We stayed again with Julia and Colm, who have been such blessings to us. I will miss them greatly! It is now 2pm on Wednesday in Ireland, and in about three hours we will be heading to the airport! I am ready to arrive in Nashville, surrounded by good ole' southern folks and my momma! The first thing I plan to do Thursday night is get Pei Wei with some wonderful friends.

I have had such a blast on this trip, and I am excited for the adventures it might lead to in the future. I loved being with Veronica and Taylor for a month, and its a miracle that we never got sick of each other! I thank the Lord for giving us all the courage to do this trip, to do something none of us had ever done before. We stayed safe, and had little problems. I'd say it ended up being the perfect Eurotrip!

To Nashville and then Chattanooga! I can't wait to be reunited with everyone in my life again. :)

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