Monday, June 6, 2011

T-minus 34 days.

We finally have an idea of what our trip is going to look like to Europe! This is all subject to change, and this is definitely a rough draft. O my gosh, this is really happening!

Days 1-3: Dublin, Ireland
  • We will be staying with a friend of Taylor's, and we are spending four glorious days there touring, resting and most likely planning more of what's to come.
Days 4-6: London, United Kingdom
  • We then will take a ferry from Rosslare, Ireland to Pembroke, United Kingdom. We will travel to London and spend about a day or two there, seeing all that there is to see in a matter of 24 hours. Here we might have a friend to stay with, but if that doesn't follow through we will be staying in a Hostel. From London we will be getting on a train that will take us to Brussels, Belgium.
Days 7-9: Brussels, Belgium and Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • I'm so excited to be in Brussels, even if it is just for a day! We will be getting on the Eurail here, which will take us to the rest of the countries we will be visiting. Our first stop is Amsterdam, where we will spend about two days site seeing. We will either be splitting the price of a hotel room or will stay in a hostel. Don't worry, we will be extra safe!
Days 10-11: Berlin, Germany
  • We then will get back on the eurail train and it will take us to Berlin! We have a foreign exchange friend from high school that we would stay with, and I believe we have another option of using one of Taylor's friends apartments, thank goodness a free place to stay! We then, again, will do some site seeing, picture taking, and all the stuff you see tourists doing!
Days 11-13: Prague, Czech Republic
  • We then will take the eurail train to Prague! A BEAUTIFUL city if I do say so myself. I think we are all very excited for the next couple of days. We will be staying in a hostel here, and seeing everything and its beauty.
Days 14-16: Vienna, Austria
  • We then will take the eurail to Vienna ( about time!!). I had to make this city apart of our trip, I've always dreamed of coming here! We will hopefully be staying with a friend of Taylor's and will be going to walking all over!
Days 17-19: Munich, Germany
  • We then will go back over to Germany, and stay with another friend of ours for a night. Yes, we are doing North and South Germany! Germany will be seeing some good Tennesseans ( and a Chicagoan, of course) a lot!
Days 19-24: ITALY!
  • I think all of us at this point are going to be SO excited to be in Italy. We will hopefully visit Venice, Rome, and hopefully some other cities in between. We will have a friend to stay with of Taylors, be seeing our wonderful Summer Staff Friend Hannah Rector, and will also stay some nights in hostels/hotels. Trevi fountain, anyone?!
Days 25-27: Geneva, Switzerland
  • And we are going going going! Off to Switzerland on a train, and we will be staying with yet another one of Taylor's friends from college. She has said that there will be some festivities going on while we are there, which should be fantastic!
Days 27-29: Paris, France
  • We are spending the last fews days before we go back to Ireland in Paris, France. Probably taking time to rest and count our left over money and getting everyone presents. ( that is if we aren't completely broke by now.) We couldn't go to Europe without going to Paris! We will be staying with another friend of Taylor's.
Days 30-31: Dublin, Ireland
  • Lastly, we will take a ferry from Cherburg, France to Rosslare, Ireland and arrive back in Dublin for our flight back to Chicago/Nashville. We gave ourselves a couple days to get there so that we won't miss a flight. Let's all pray that doesn't happen!

I am very excited to be able to share this experience with all who are interested in reading this. I am going to try and update every chance I get, and if you want to contact me, my information is:
Skype Name: futbolchica610
phone: no need, it will be OFF!
facebook and this blog.

Be praying for our time over there, and that the Lord will guide us safely through all the amazing cities and countries.

"The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?" Psalm 27:1

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