Sunday, May 22, 2011


so. much. to. do.

I still am at awe that I am taking 4 weeks to travel the continent ( thank you Brandon) of europe. I tell people and it still feels so surreal. Why am I going you might ask?

After a lot of time in thought and prayer, I decided to go because I've realized how much I don't know about the world we live in. What makes Europe different than America? How do they live? Most importantly, I feel like this is the perfect opportunity to really challenge myself spiritually. I want more than anything to grow deeper into a relationship with the Lord, and I truly feel like the Lord is leading me to do something that is out of my comfort zone. Trust me, living out of a backpack for four weeks does NOT sound like luxury to me. However, I'm so excited to see how the Lord humbles me in the month that I am there.

This blog is going to be my form of communication to all the beautiful people that will be staying here in the U.S. I will have updates on what I've seen, where I am, and most importantly that I am safe.

I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for me and the others going, and I can't wait to come home and share all my experiences with y'all. I am asking that you keep us in your prayers as we embark on a journey that is new for all of us. Pray for safety and guidance as we travel from country to country.

The Lord has produced such magnificent beauty, and I am excited and blessed to be able to see the people and the places of Europe.

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